Jeffrey Mason Photography | About
I am Jeff, the owner of Jeffrey Mason Photography. I want to share with you a little of my background and photographic vision.

I have enjoyed a life-long interest in photography. When I was very young, I would help my father set up a darkroom in the evenings after dark and watch him develop the film and print his pictures. Of course the best part was watching as the images almost magically appeared on the enlargement paper, freezing on that paper a unique moment in time.

My photography ebbed and flowed with the rhythms of adulthood—college, marriage, parenthood. But as my children have grown older, I have once again found time to devote to my photography, carrying on as my father did.

I believe photography is the act of presenting a narrative through pictures. Life events, both big and small, are unique narratives of place, storyline, characters, and perhaps intimate moments, all of which can be preserved in a visual medium. It is the narrative and its elements that I strive to capture in my photography.

However, life is not all photography, as my wife can tell you as she watches me cheer on the Washington Nationals. Or take to the road on my bike with my group of cycling buddies.

Certified Professional Photographer